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EP 37: Crystals Can Help You Heal with Erika Alcala

EP 37: Crystals Can Help You Heal with Erika Alcala

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Erika Alcala, a radiant healer deeply immersed in the world of crystals. Our conversation was a journey into the heart of healing, as Erika shared her profound experiences and insights gained from a lifetime of working with these magical gems.

Erika's story begins like many of ours, with childhood curiosity leading her down unexpected paths. At just 10 years old, she received her first crystal, an amethyst, igniting a spark that would shape her spiritual journey. Growing up in a household open to diverse spiritual practices, Erika's fascination with crystals was nurtured alongside Buddhist teachings and meditation.

As we delved deeper into Erika's journey, I was struck by her authenticity and vulnerability. She shared moments of darkness and grief, but also moments of profound connection and transformation. It was during one such dark night of the soul that Erika discovered Reiki, reigniting her passion for healing and leading her back to the loving embrace of crystals.

Erika's business, Crystal Madre, is a testament to her dedication and love for crystals. From humble beginnings to a thriving community, Erika's grassroots approach has touched the lives of many, offering solace, clarity, and healing through the power of crystals.

Throughout our conversation, Erika shared invaluable wisdom on the practical and spiritual aspects of working with crystals. We explored how crystals can raise vibrations, align chakras, and support holistic well-being. Erika emphasized the importance of intention and intuition in selecting and working with crystals, inviting listeners to trust their inner guidance.

Beyond selling crystals, Erika offers personalized consultations, crystal healings, and transformative workshops. Her dedication to empowering others to connect with crystals on a deeper level is truly inspiring. Through workshops and guided meditations, she invites participants to explore the transformative potential of crystals and align with the energies of the universe.

As we approach the Spring Equinox, Erika and I are excited to invite you to join us for a special workshop celebrating renewal and new beginnings. It takes place on Saturday, March 23 and is free for members of The Collective. If you aren’t a member of The Collective yet, you can pay to register for the workshop here. Together, we'll explore crystal practices, scientific insights, and spiritual rituals to align with the energy of the season. It promises to be a magical experience you won't want to miss!

Erika’s authenticity and passion are truly infectious, and I know her story will inspire countless others to embrace the magic of crystals and embark on their own healing journeys.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram and explore the transformative potential of crystals in your own life. Remember, the magic is within you – embrace it, trust it, and let it guide you on your path to healing and wholeness.






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