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EP 40: Impact of Trauma: Okha Butler on Regulating the Nervous System

EP 40: Impact of Trauma: Okha Butler on Regulating the Nervous System

Welcome back to Breathe More. I am thrilled to introduce you to Okha Butler, one of my Reset clients and an intuitive guide and coach who has embarked on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and transformation. Okha's story is a testament to the power of listening to the whispers of the soul, overcoming fear, and creating the life you desire. Join me as we delve into Okha's journey of healing, empowerment, and manifesting dreams.

Three years ago, Okha found herself at a crossroads. Working in a job she had outgrown, she felt the urge for change stirring within her. Through deep inner child healing and trauma-release work with Ana, Okha gained clarity about her path forward. She vividly remembers images of being cradled in a hammock, symbolizing the love and support she needed to embrace her journey.

Leaving behind her traditional job in education, Okha embarked on a journey of self-discovery and service. Recognizing the limitations of the system, she courageously said no to the familiar and ventured into the unknown. Trusting in the power of saying no, Okha opened doors to new opportunities, ultimately founding the nonprofit organization, The Heart Center.

Central to Okha's journey is her commitment to healing trauma, both personal and collective. Drawing from her own experiences and the injustices faced by her father, who was wrongfully incarcerated, Okha recognized the need for healing within vulnerable communities. She emphasizes the importance of understanding trauma's impact on the nervous system and the power of mindfulness and breathwork in regulating it.

Through The Heart Center, Okha has created a sacred space for individuals impacted by incarceration to access healing modalities and retreats. Inspired by her own journey of self-discovery, Okha invites participants to reconnect with their inner child, fostering self-love and empowerment. The organization's innovative app brings guided meditations to incarcerated individuals, offering hope and support in challenging environments.

Okha's journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for others seeking transformation. By prioritizing self-love and inner work, she has manifested her dreams and is making a profound impact in her community. Through collaboration and connection, Okha invites others to join her in creating a world rooted in healing and empowerment.

Okha will be joining us inside of my membership, The Collective, to lead a workshop on April 10th at 5pm PT. During the workshop, "Exploring Our Inner Landscape and the Nervous System," you will learn about supporting your nervous system for empowerment and calm. Can't attend live? There's a replay available. Register now to deepen your understanding and cultivate resilience.

As we conclude our conversation with Okha, let us embrace the power of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Together, we can manifest our dreams and create a world filled with love, compassion, and possibility. Thank you for tuning in, and until next time, breathe more and live fully.


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