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EP 42: How I Set Intentions and Trust the Process to Manifest My Dreams

EP 42: How I Set Intentions and Trust the Process to Manifest My Dreams

Today, I want to dive into one of my favorite topics: setting intentions. It's been quite a journey for me, especially in the past year, and I'm excited to share my experiences with you.

Let's rewind to last February when I discovered a leak in my house due to bad weather. Little did I know that this leak would uncover a massive mold issue that had been affecting my health for years. It set off a series of challenges that led to me bouncing around different places, searching for a permanent home.

After a rollercoaster of trying to find a place in LA and encountering obstacles, I manifested a house-sitting opportunity in Idyllwild, CA. Those six weeks were transformative, and I decided to make Idyllwild my new home. But finding a rental there wasn't easy, given the limited options in a small town.

Despite the challenges, I set a clear intention for the kind of home I wanted: beautiful, peaceful, with nature surrounding me. And lo and behold, the perfect house appeared—a dreamy retreat nestled in the forest with a hot tub and within my budget. Setting this intention and taking inspired action led me to manifest my ideal home.

However, just as I settled into my new space, I received notice to vacate as the owners needed the house back. Once again, I found myself in limbo, searching for my next home. The process was exhausting, and filled with disappointments and setbacks. But amidst the chaos, I held onto my vision of a perfect sanctuary.

When faced with setbacks, like a potential rental falling through at the last minute, I allowed myself to feel the emotions but remained steadfast in my intention. I reached out to my network, took inspired action, and stayed open to possibilities. And soon enough, another opportunity aligned—a temporary rental that ticked all the boxes.

This journey taught me valuable lessons about the power of intention, trust, and surrender. It's not just about visualizing and hoping for the best; it's about aligning your actions with your desires and trusting the process, even when it feels uncertain.

Manifesting isn't always smooth sailing; there are bumps along the way. But staying true to your vision and believing in your worthiness can lead to incredible outcomes. Just like one of my mastermind members who manifested a new job within a week, sometimes things align effortlessly when we're clear on what we want.

It's essential to release fear and scarcity thinking, knowing that the universe has our backs and is guiding us toward our highest good. Even when plans don't go as expected, trust that it's redirecting you toward something better suited for your path.

So if you find yourself settling or losing hope, I encourage you to keep dreaming and hold onto your vision. Reach out for support, whether it's through breathwork sessions, joining The Collective, or attending my Spring Retreat I'm hosting this week in Idyllwild, CA.

Together, we can raise our vibrations, manifest our dreams, and create lives filled with abundance, joy, and authenticity. Thank you for being part of this journey, and remember, your dreams are within reach. Keep believing, keep manifesting, and keep breathing. 


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