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Dear 2022

Dear 2022,

You were quite special. You gave me the nudge to say yes to my life and experience so many new things. I stepped outside my comfort zone, over and over again. You encouraged me to embody my feminine energy and explore its power and beauty and you made me realize that she does have a place in my life. You also helped me continue to heal my mindset around abundance, success and wealth.

I got to see so many clients in person again, which brought so much joy. I started doing executive coaching, which has been a fun challenge. I really loved holding space at my retreats and look forward to more in 2023.

Amongst all the fun and adventures, there was also a lot of grief and adjusting to living alone for the first time in my life. This gave plenty of time to reflect on how I’ve shown up in the past and it helped me take responsibility for past actions and have more compassion for others.

You were a very busy year and that also contributed to me feeling burnt out by the end. As you’re coming to an end, I’m feeling the call to SLOW down…like really SLOW down, rest and take better care of my body. Which is why ending the year in silence is the perfect medicine.

Thank you for all the lessons, expansion, growth, and experiences. You were a dream. ✨

Xoxo Ana

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