New Moon in Aries affirmations:

I feel energized and excited to start my new projects.

I am letting go of my assumed timeline.

I do not fear the unknown.

I heal aspects of myself that are blocking abundance.

I have the strength to shape my reality.

I am open to all that serves the purpose of my soul.

Join us tonight for our New Moon Magic Circle at 5pm pst. We will release with a fire ceremony, manifest with breathwork and validate with an Oracle card reading by Edith Vasquez. Sign up here.

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This is the way I feel after finishing a private breathwork session with a client...inspired, proud, happy and ready to keep climbing with them. I’m so proud of everyone who shows up to breathe with me, because it shows they are committed to doing the work to change their life. It can be very confronting and uncomfortable, but by the end their whole body is radiating, they feel empowered and they physically feel lighter.

Want to experience what a breathwork class with me is like? Sign up for free for tomorrow’s Community Gathering workshop here.

I see you.

I believe in you.

I celebrate you.

After you take time to rest, keep going.

Even when things feel hard.

Each action is taking you closer to your goals.

Don’t give up.

You’ve got this.


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