The universe will provide everything to support my future visions.

My well-being is just as important as my work.

I use my voice to craft my reality through communicating my needs authentically.

I release what is restricting me, and am open to what nurtures me.

I am open to change.

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Take some time today to affirm new beliefs and connect with your goals. New moons are a powerful time to manifest.

Which affirmation is resonating with you? Let us know in the comments.

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Updated: Jul 9

Summer is the perfect time to bring in new energy into your life. Bring in more fun, adventure, and also feel deserving of experiencing all the abundance summer has to offer. My free Summer of Self-love challenge helps you get rid of guilt and boost your self-worth. Join me in practicing intentional self-love this summer, where we will embrace:

✨ Forgiving yourself for your mistakes and letting go of the past

✨ Gaining confidence to dream big and pursue your goals

✨ Trusting yourself because you finally believe you deserve happiness and work toward your own greater good

✨ Letting go of your guilt for taking care of yourself because you realize that taking care of yourself is the top priority

✨ Healing your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health through loving yourself

Let’s work together this summer to celebrate YOU in my FREE 5-day Summer of Self-Love Challenge. 🌞🌻

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Updated: Jul 9

Yesterday I challenged my Reset client to think about those dreams that scare her. She’s really great at manifesting and has been able to accomplish goals that feel impossible. However, since the beginning of the year she started to doubt herself. She felt herself hiding and worrying about what others would think about her. That worry spiraled her into feeling anxious and lost.

In the 3 sessions we’ve had together her energy has completely changed. She’s back to her vibrant, happy self. She’s had a business idea for a while, but something in her was feeling resistance to getting started. We checked in with her soul and realized that idea is not aligned with her soul’s mission. With our breathwork session last night and my clairvoyant guidance, she remembered her bigger dreams. The ones where she’s making an impact in the world. The ones that inspire her and challenge her and light her up with excitement.

I love helping my clients remember who they are at the core and get aligned with their goals. If you are ready to get out of the funk and feel more confident and aligned, I have one spot available for my Reset program.

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