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3 steps to changing your mindset.

Have you noticed how you talk about things? When we’re focused on protecting ourselves from any future pain, discomfort, rejection, or failure, we also stop the flow of inspiration, creativity, and opportunities. We create a tunnel vision of our reality:

❌ We look for what can go wrong instead of what can go right.

❌ We play not to lose instead of to win.

❌ We focus on problems instead of solutions.

❌ We think of all the “what-if” scenarios for how something won’t work instead of considering “What if it does work?” What would be possible?

We do this to maintain a false sense of control and predictability. Our brains would rather work harder and exhaust ourselves to stay safe in the comfort zone of predictability.

Your mindset is a powerful thing. And you can also change it!

Here are 3 steps to go from predictability to certainty aka manifestation.

Let's say your goal is to make more money.

Step 1: It’s a possibility: Possibility refers to what can be done. You're introducing your brain and nervous system to what is possible. You're also changing your narrative, instead of “I’m never going to or not able to and I can't, shift to I can or I could.

Example: I could make more money or I can make more money.

Step 2: It’s probable: Probable refers to what is likely to be done, to occur, or to be true. The language you’re using is showing motion. At this point, you are also taking some action toward your goal. You are figuring things out.

Example: I am going to make more money.

Step 3: It’s certain: Things are happening for you, it is in your reality. Your brain is getting the evidence to prove that this statement is true and it continues to bring into your life more of these certain thoughts.

Example: I am someone who makes a lot of money.

You can teach your brain to think differently. I do this every day with my clients and myself. We change our mindset to create a new reality.

Are you ready to change your mindset? We start Mastermind in 2 weeks! Sign up for a 15-minute call to discuss your blocks and I will help you start to reframe them. ⚡️

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