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Client Trang talks about her manifestations.

When Trang heard about mastermind, she was curious but hesitant. Her brain gave her a long list of reasons why she shouldn’t join. But she told her brain I’m listening to my intuition and I’m signing up because I need help.

“The Dream Bigger Mastermind and Ana wound up being the biggest blessing in my life during such a difficult time in my life. The one-on-one sessions that come with it are INVALUABLE. I was able to shift my energy from feeling like a victim to feeling empowered and unstuck. In addition, Ana gave excellent advice and ideas on what I can launch with the skills, gifts, and talents that I have, along with the accountability of making sure I get things done.

Because of the group coaching, I have lovely support from everyone and is cheering me on and surprisingly, a lot of them have been feeling similar to how I've been feeling, despite the fact that we are going through slightly different situations. Because of this, it feels a lot less alone in the journey.

Now I'm more confident and clear in what I want to do. I feel SO much more relieved and less stressed, I am making more money by creating higher premium services, and created genuine connections. As a result, I have more flow of work coming my way. By the way, this was all in only 6 weeks going into the program.

Ana is great at what she does (and no, she did not pay me to say that). She is truly invested in you (unlike other coaches where they just move on once you're done with the program).

Take a chance on MasterMind and I promise you that you will see changes! It's worth its weight in gold.” - Trang

Don't let another 6 months go by. Be like Trang and step into your power and see the changes you want in your life.

We start in two weeks! The next step is booking a 15-minute call with me. Let’s chat about your goals and how Mastermind can help you!

Let’s manifest!

xo Ana

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