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Do you struggle with self-worth?

Your self-worth matters! ❤️

I've noticed a recurring theme in the Mastermind chats I'm having with people. Too many people are struggling with their self-worth.

For too long they have been feeling:

❌ Not good enough

❌ They can't get what they want

❌ Their voice doesn't matter

❌ Like they don't belong and others don't understand them

❌ Like they don’t have what it takes to achieve their goals

❌ Unlovable

Can you relate to any of these feelings? This is a problem because when you have low self-worth it can paralyze you from pursuing your goals because you don't feel worthy of them. This inspired me to host a free Self-Worth Masterclass Thursday, February 9th.

In this workshop, we will be doing breathwork to help you rediscover your worth, your voice, your strength, and who you are on the inside. We will also be journaling, plus you will learn more about my Dream Bigger Mastermind and how it can help you continue to cultivate your self-worth. Hope you will join me! I will also send out the recording if you can't attend live. Always cheering you on!

xo Ana

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