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EP 33. Sam’s Manifestations: Dream house, new career and a baby

In episode 33 of the Breathe More podcast, I had a conversation with Sam who has been a client for the past eight years. She had some initial hesitations due to a scarcity mindset, but she eventually joined the Dream Bigger Mastermind for the second time last year. Within a few weeks, she experienced significant changes in her life.

During our work together, we uncovered some hidden blocks that were holding her back. After doing some healing and mindset shifts, Sam felt empowered to confidently pursue her desires. She started advocating for herself at work, which resulted in a promotion and a pay raise. These positive energy shifts also extended to her personal life, infusing it with magic and ease.

In a surprising turn of events, Sam achieved her biggest dream in the Mastermind program by becoming pregnant with her first child. She set intentions, aligned energies, and took inspired action, which led to this joyful outcome.

If you want to hear Sam’s inspiring journey, listen to episode 33 of the Breathe More podcast. Also, Join the waitlist here for the next round of Dream Bigger Mastermind and let yourself receive your dreams, just like Sam did. ✨🌟

Listen to this episode on your favorite podcast platform or my YouTube channel. 💫

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