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Fortune Favors the BOLD

When was the last time you did something that scared you or felt hard?

- Maybe you recently reached out to someone to apologize

- Maybe you quit your job

- Maybe you said no (and honored your boundaries)

- Maybe you asked someone on a date

- Maybe you started a new business

- Maybe you invested in your healing journey

Taking a risk or doing something that feels uncomfortable and scary pushes you closer to your goals. No matter what the end result is from that action, you are telling the universe what it is you want.

This new year I am committed to being bolder: with my dreams, actions, and mindset. Who else is in?

Need help taking that courageous and bold next step? Join my Dream Bigger Mastermind which is starting in February. This is a supportive group to keep you accountable, share information and resources, help you come up with an action plan and celebrate you for being BRAVE.

The Dream Bigger Mastermind is now open for enrollment. Learn more here.

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