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Full Moon in Aries Affirmations

Full Moon in Aries Affirmations

Today’s Full Moon in Aries is a powerful invitation to step into your personal power and pursue your wildest dreams with unrelenting courage. Embrace the energy, trust in yourself, and let the flames of possibility ignite your soul!

Here are a few ways to harness today's potent lunar energy for your highest good:

1️⃣ Take Action: Tap into Aries' go-getter spirit and seize the moment. Take that leap of faith into the unknown, start that passion project, or initiate those conversations you've been putting off.

2️⃣ Let Go of Obstacles: Use this fiery lunation to release any self-doubt, fears, or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Allow the glow of the Full Moon to illuminate your path and empower you to break free from any mental blocks.

3️⃣ Reconnect with Your Authenticity: Aries is all about authenticity and embracing your true self. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your core desires and values. Align your actions and decisions with your heartfelt intentions, and feel the empowering energy radiate from within.

4️⃣ Channel Your Passion: Aries is fueled by passion! Channel this fiery energy into all areas of your life: career, relationships, creativity, or personal growth. Embrace your passions wholeheartedly and let the enthusiasm guide you towards fulfilling experiences and accomplishments.

Today I’m hosting a full moon circle in Idyllwild at El Sereno Mercantile

Join us to let go, connect with your authenticity and bring that fiery energy into your projects. Sign up here. 🔥

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