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Giveaway: Free 1-1 Coaching

To my fellow healers, spiritual teachers, and wellness practitioners. If you have been craving support, needing some clarity of next steps, or are ready to breakthrough what’s blocking you in your business. THIS IS FOR YOU. I am hosting a giveaway to one lucky winner who will get a FREE 45 minute 1-1 coaching session with me. During our 45 minutes together we work on your business strategy, do some goal planning, create an action plan, move energy so you feel more confident in your wellness biz. In order to participate make sure you’re following me on IG. Comment what type of biz you have or want to start. Tag a fellow healer/ wellness practitioner friend who could also benefit from this 1-1 biz coaching session. Contest ends Sunday, May 21 @ midnight. I can’t wait to help you in this private session! Let’s grow your biz!

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