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Happy Full Moon in Leo Full Moon

Happy Full Moon in Leo Full Moon. It’s time to connect with our passions and spark our creativity. Let her energy guide you towards expressing yourself with confidence, and authenticity.

💫 Repeat these affirmations me with💫

1️⃣ I am the creator of my destiny: I affirm that I have the power to shape my life. I step into my strength and fearlessly pursue my dreams, knowing success is within my reach.

2️⃣ I boldly express my authentic self: I proudly share my unique gifts and talents with the world. I let go of judgment and embrace my truest, most genuine self.

3️⃣ I radiate confidence and love: The Leo Full Moon reminds me to shine brightly. I let my inner light illuminate every corner of my life, spreading confidence, self-love, and positivity wherever I go.

Share in the comments which affirmation resonates with you the most.

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