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Happy New Moon in Capricorn!

Happy New Moon in Capricorn. ♑️ This Capricorn energy inspires us to pursue our biggest goals with patience and perseverance. 🏔️

Have you taken the time to set intentions? Have you thought about what foundations you need for your future?

Capricorn’s earthy energy provides the stability to manifest our intentions with discipline and structure.

Let’s use this moment to reflect on:

🔹 What mountains am I ready to climb?

🔹 Which goals require my unwavering focus?

🔹 How can I bring structure to my dreams?

I invite you to join our New Moon Circle this evening to harness this potent new moon energy. We will be setting intentions that lead you closer to your authentic self. We will be breathing life into your aspirations with breathwork. And @earth_crystals_con_amor will channel a live message from our guides.

Let’s create an intentional life this year! It all starts by taking the time to make yourself a priority. Sign up for the New Moon Circle today. 🐐

This New Moon Circle is free for members of The Collective. If you're not yet part of our magical community, sign up under Events to get a taste of what you can expect in The Collective. 🌟

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