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Harness the Power of the Full Moon: Embrace Change, Release Fear, and Find Harmony

“Dear Full Moon,

I call upon your energy tonight.

Grant me stability in every aspect of my life,

Guide me towards a prosperous and abundant path.

Bless me with unwavering strength and determination,

To manifest my desires and dreams.

Illuminate my path with your gentle light,

And help me embrace the beauty of the present moment.

With gratitude in my heart,

I offer this prayer to you. xo Ana”

✨ Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus! 🌕✨

I’ve been feeling the powerful nudge to shed old identities and let go of circumstances that no longer serve me. It is time for a new chapter, and while I’m excited, there’s also a lot of nervousness and fear that has surfaced. Can you relate?

What are you releasing with this full moon?

Take a moment today to reflect on how you can create more simplicity in your life to have more harmony, peace, and authenticity.

🌟 Los Angeles friends, I invite you to join me for a Full Moon Ceremony today, Saturday, Oct 28, at 3 pm in Hollywood. We will do a series of rituals that empower, inspire, and light the path ahead. Limited spots are available! Click here to reserve one of the remaining two tickets.

Let’s bring more peace and harmony into this new chapter of your life and reconnect with your most authentic self.

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