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New Moon Manifestation: New Moon in Scorpio

Dear New Moon in Scorpio,

I call upon your wisdom to guide me with courage and clarity.

I release what no longer serves me, allowing space for growth and renewal.

I ask for the strength to let go of old patterns that hinder my progress, and the willingness to embrace transformation with an open heart.

Grant me the courage to face my fears with resilience and grace.

I ask that you support my desires and manifestations.

I surrender to its divine guidance and trust that the universe is conspiring in my favor.

Thank you for the blessings received and those yet to come.

And so it is. 

✨🌙 Happy New Moon! 🌙✨ Ready to connect with your intentions and manifest? If so, I invite you to join my New Moon Circle today, Monday, November 13, @ 5PM PST/8PM EST. In this gathering, we’re going on a journey of expansion by releasing what we’ve outgrown, setting intentions, embodying our desires with breathwork, and receiving a powerful oracle card reading and channeled message from the gifted Edith 🔮

Sign up for our next Moon Circle here. If you can’t attend live, a replay will be available.

Let’s manifest together, dream big, and unleash our true potential. See you today at the New Moon Circle! 🌌💫

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