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Setting goals to live an authentic life. Breathe More Podcast Ep. 8

🎙️ In the latest episode of the Breathe More Podcast, we dive deep into the power of setting goals in your life.

Did you know that 80% of the population never sets goals for themselves? But here’s the kicker: 70% of those who do set goals, fail to achieve them! 😱



Fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of stepping outside our comfort zones. We let these fears hold us back from reaching our true potential.

But it’s time to break free! 💥

We’ll explore why having clarity, overcoming distractions, and finding the right support are key to achieving your dreams.

It’s time to stop settling and start thriving. Tap this link to listen to the full episode.

Remember, your dreams are worth it. Let’s make them happen together. ✨💙

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