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What are you celebrating this week?

After being away from my mountain town for the last two weeks, my body and mind were craving to be back in nature doing the things we love.

I began with breathwork to ground myself and reconnect with my center. Then, I reflected on the first two months of 2024. With all the busyness, I realized I hadn’t taken a moment to celebrate my accomplishments.

Here’s a glimpse:

* Transitioned from LA to a quaint small town, embracing a new chapter.

* Launched The Abundance Challenge, where over 2500 participants joined to bring more abundance to their lives. 🌟 Join the challenge here for free!

* Excited to announce my upcoming Spring Retreat in April - details now live on my website.

* The new round of Dream Bigger Mastermind started last week and folx are already manifesting amazing things.

And lastly, I visualized the expansive possibilities for the rest of the year, setting intentions for growth, abundance, and adventures.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments - what are you celebrating? 🌟

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