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What are you currently manifesting?

Ana in a room with windows, trees outside

I arrived at Idyllwild three weeks ago, and so much magic has already happened. It turns out a dear friend who just moved here is living on the same block as where I’m staying. I’ve been hiking every day. Being fully immersed in nature has helped my body detox and heal (more on this later). I’m meeting the most incredible community, who has welcomed me and been so supportive. I have hosted an in-person full moon circle. And this morning, I was honored to kick off an executive retreat with breathwork and healing exercises. (I love holding space for leaders who lead with their hearts!) I’m having visions of more of this in this quiet mountain town. Now, I’m just asking the universe to help me find a home where I can continue to expand and be of service. I trust that it will all unfold as it should.

What are you currently manifesting?

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