Happy day of LOVE.

Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.” Brené Brown

I have a confession to make. I really struggled writing this newsletter. I have 5 different versions and I hate all of them. I decided the topic was going to be about self-love. So I read articles about self-love; I watched Ted Talks about being kind to yourself. I was planning on giving tips on how to love yourself, but then I wondered if that would make me sound like a know it all. I was going to talk about how Valentine’s day has too much emphasize on romantic love and never about loving yourself, but will this make me sound jaded? My self-criticism and self-doubting voices were getting loud. And my perfectionism was taking over. These voices are exhausting. And they are so mean and judgmental. Is anyone else familiar with these voices?

And then I thought, where’s my self-compassion? Where’s my self-love? Looks like I need to work on my self-love. My total acceptance of myself. But even seeing it as “working on my self-love” has a hint of judgement. Am I just overthinking everything?!?!? Probably. I’m a recovering perfectionist. I am a recovering control freak. I’m a recovering a lot of things. What I have learned is that at the core of these feelings is fear. It always creeps up, doesn’t it?

And many of us are afraid of loving ourselves wholly, because we don't think we are enough. Many of us are uncomfortable being alone. Many of us find it difficult to compliment ourselves, to be compassionate with ourselves. To be gentle with ourselves. That’s why this month’s breathwork workshop is about self-love. It’s an opportunity for you to explore what self-love means to you and to help you open up to what you want to receive in your life. You can find more details about the workshop here.

Over the last month and a half I’ve been working on a brand new website. It was a lot of work and one that made all those not so nice voices come out and share their opinions. The biggest lesson I learned with this project was to surrender to the process. Yes, it’s important to have a vision on how you want things to look like, but It’s also important to let things unfold naturally and to be open to new ideas. And when things get overwhelming, ask for help! I ended up hiring a website developer to help with the technical stuff. It saved me a lot of time and frustration. I’m super proud of the final result. Now you can find a list of my upcoming classes on my website, you can book your private sessions online, and you can find past newsletters on the blog. Let me know what you think! www.analilia.net Since it is Valentine's day, let’s try to be loving and gentle with ourselves today. And I want you to know that you are loved and appreciated! Wishing you a loving rest of the month.

Love, Ana

"Breathwork with Ana is transformative. I've practiced various types of meditations and healings, but sessions with Ana have been the most powerful. She's extremely intuitive, from her curated playlists to the messages she shares. I always leave her sessions with much more clarity and peace." -M.T.

Book your session here!

I LOVE music! If you've attended my classes or have had a private session with me, you know how important music is to me. I spend a lot of my free time looking for new music and curating playlists. So for this month's playlist I decided to keep things light and make a fun playlist for all of you. Get the playlist here: Apple Music Spotify If you're looking for my breathwork playlists be sure to follow me on Spotify or Apple Music.

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Happy New Year!

We have a new year to create the type of life that we want. These's a lot of excitement during this time of the year, a lot of hopes and wishes...but there's also a lot of pressure we put on ourselves. There's an expectation to change habits immediately. We're supposed to start to exercise and change our eating habits...basically we feel like we're supposed to be a different person. We set goals for the new year, but don't know how to make those goals into reality. And many don't even bother to set goals because they don't want to feel like they failed if they don't meet their goals.

That’s why I’m excited to share that Aubrianna and I will be facilitating an Intention Setting Workshop Saturday January 27. This is a three hour workshop to help you set clear, specific goals. We will release blocks that may be preventing you from achieving your dreams using breathwork. We will then go into a guided meditation to manifest your intentions and end the workshop with a reiki healing. You will leave the workshop feeling clear, confident, lighter and ready to conquer the world! Sign up to manifest your dreams! Can't make it to the workshop? Let's work on your goals in a private breathwork session! It's been amazing to see so many of you achieve your goals using breathwork and have life changing transformations! Book your private session here! And lastly, at the end of the month, I will be back at Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach for my monthly breathwork class with an ocean view. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday. I look forward to continue breathing with you this year and helping you reach your goals!

Sending you much love, Ana

Are you ready to set your intentions and create an abundant, joyous, and fulling 2018?

This three hour workshop will help you do just that. We will begin with an intention setting ceremony where you will write down your goals and intentions for the upcoming year.

Then, through a guided meditation we will do some digging to find those limiting beliefs that are preventing you from manifesting your goals. You will be guided through a pattern deleting exercise to release the subconscious and rid yourself of old habits. We will clear any resistance, anxiety, and fear using breathwork to re-calibrate our minds and ground.

You will then be walked through a guided meditation to manifest our new intentions and put them into action. We will close our time together in relaxation and alignment with a reiki energy healing session to leave us refreshed and ready to take on 2018! $55 exchange. Location: Hollywood

Breathwork Private Sessions

"My first private session with Ana was incredible! I came out feeling like I had just seen a masseuse, a therapist, and a healer at the same time. My physical body was more relaxed than ever-my tension was completely gone. I received inspiring insight on a situation that was stressing me out and my heart and soul felt lighter and brighter. To top it off- Ana's reiki is on FIRE. She has an incredible gift to heal and I'm grateful I found her. I will definitely be going back for more."

Book your session here.

Music Heals

Making playlists for class and private sessions is one of my favorite things about breathwork.

I made a special playlist for you for this month:

Apple Music:

https://apple.co/2CfFq65 Spotify:


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Happy Holidays!

Anyone else wondering where this year went??? The older I get, the faster time seems to go by. Even when making a conscious effort to stay present and live in the moment, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day, especially during this time of the year.

The holidays tend to be a challenging time for many. From spending time with the family, which can be very triggering. To the expense of the holidays and the stress of traveling. To reflecting on the year and perhaps feeling disappointed that you are not where you hoped to be by this time. I recently shared in a social media post about the struggles of being a small business owner/self employed. It’s hard to build a business from scratch, it’s also lonely to work alone from home and financially it’s a constant struggle. And I wonder if it’s possible (financially) to continue following my passion. And old stories come up about where I should be in life at my age and those voices can be so mean and make me feel like a failure. Yet, every time I am at a crossroads and pleading with the Universe, I get a miracle and a wink telling me to keep on going.

I was recently invited to lead a breathwork healing session at the #weallgrowlatina wellness summit next Spring. I am over the moon for the opportunity to bring breathwork to a huge community of Latina entrepreneurs. I have also recently gotten so many beautiful emails and messages from you about how breathwork has helped to change your life. It has been the fuel I needed to keep going and continue to trust that everything will be okay. That in the big picture everything is okay, actually things are more than okay in my life. And also, consciously breathing continues to help me maintain my sanity and peace of mind.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of your support this year. For connecting with your breath. For being vulnerable. For showing up and doing the work. For trusting me to guide you. For all of your referrals. I am grateful to know you and to have you be apart of my life. I have four classes before the end of the year. Hopefully I will be able to see you in person and wish you a beautiful and peaceful holiday, full of love and joy. And when things get overwhelming, remember to pause and connect with your breath, your heart, and our beautiful earth.

Sending you much love, Ana

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Instead of the usual holiday gifts, how about giving a loved one (or yourself) the gift of breathwork? Get 25% off when booking a private session from now until the end of the year. A private breathwork session is an hour long intuitively guided, personalized session that helps you release what's been holding you back, move stuck energy, heal, and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. And if you don't live in LA, I also do breathwork session via Skype. Book your session here.

Music Heals

Making playlists for class and private sessions is one of my favorite things about breathwork.

You can now follow me on Spotify and Apple Music to listen to my playlists.

Since the holidays are a busy time, here is my 10 minute breathwork playlist: Apple Music Spotify

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