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Breathing in Summer Fun!

Summer Fun with my Inner Teen I love summer time in Los Angeles. LA becomes the perfect place to unleash your inner teen and have a lot of fun. From free concerts, to movies at the cemetery, to perfect picnic weather at the beach. In the summer, I tap into my inner teen (the one without the angst) and become free spirited, easy going, and make having fun a priority. As a teenager, we believe there isn't a single thing we can't do. Our dreams are big and we go after them without having the "perfect roadmap" or any plan. I remember how easily things came to me as a teen, because I wholly believed anything was possible. So I decided my goal for the next three months is to channel my inner teen and have her limitless faith push me forward. She’s going to challenge me to try new things. She’s going to encourage me to be rebellious. She’s going to remind me to keep an open mind. And she’s going to tell me over and over again (until I start to believe it) that my wildest dreams will come true.

To help you achieve your wildest dreams, we will focus this month's breathwork classes on hope and being fearless. The first special event is this Saturday June 3 and it’s extra special because it’s a fundraiser for my friend Vivian who is battling her 3rd fight against cancer. She is the toughest warrior I know. I hope you can join me to breathe, while helping her fight for her life. You can learn more about her journey here: I'll also be returning to Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach on Sunday June 11 at 12pm. And later this month we will continue breathing in unlimited possibilities, outside, at Goldenfolk Wellness. Breathing outside was such a cool experience; and the city and its sounds became the perfect nurturing and soothing backdrop for the class. I am also continuing to bring breathwork meditation to the corporate world. Last month I went into Paige Denim to help their employees connect with their breath and guide them to release work stress and help them relax. I can’t wait to go back and facilitate again. If you work at a company that offers wellness programs, please let me know! I would love to bring breathwork meditation to your office. Have fun with your inner teen this month. Let me know what adventures you take, what new experiences you have, and what wild dreams you manifested. Much love, Ana


Private Breathwork Sessions

"I had never experienced breathwork before meeting Ana. I was curious and a little nervous, not sure what to expect. Ana’s guidance was clear and focusing. The music was perfect. I found her work to be filled with impact and was deceptively simple. Something shifted in me through a brief, focused, guided session with Ana that has left me feeling freer and also even more curious than I was before, because now I want to do more of this important work. And I want to share it with others too."

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Favorite Songs in May

1) Take me Home -Chord Overstreet 2) Light of a Clear Blue Morning -The Wailin' Jennys 3) It's Alright -Fractures 4) Red Dust (Acoustic) - James Vincent McMorrow 5) Mr. Minister Great- Júnrus Meyvant Favorite Playlists:


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