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I am OPEN to receive! 💗

I am open to receive!

This has been my mantra all month long and it has definitely been working. May was a wild one. There were a lot of wonderful winks from the universe telling me I'm on the right path. Last week, I volunteered with the American Heart Association for their annual Por tu Corazon event in downtown LA. I led over 100 Latinas in a breath meditation. It was such a beautiful experience. Most of them had never meditated before and there was a lot of nervousness to simply close their eyes and be present. I am so grateful and honored to have introduced these women to the power of their breath. And it was also a reminder to me that the Latino community is extremely underserved. I am excited to find a way to continue being of service and to create awareness about the healing properties of breathwork.

Another wink was being interviewed by Telemundo for a talk show called Acceso Total. Originally I was scheduled to promote the event Por tu Corazon for American Heart Association, but due to the scheduling of the interview, it ended up being a profile about my work! I talked about the health benefits of meditation and breathwork. And I taught the host Stephanie Himonidis how to consciously breathe. Again, I am so grateful to have been able to create awareness about breathwork in the Spanish speaking community. It is scheduled to air next week.

Last month I started writing inspirational messages on sidewalks for #the100dayproject. That too is taking off! Spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson posted a picture of my sidewalk message “I am willing to see things differently.” Her post got over 14,000 likes. Actress Andrea Navedo from Jane the Virgin also posted it and got another 7,000 likes. In the comments section I saw someone say they see my messages all over East Hollywood. Every message I have written has been a reminder I need for myself. I’m so happy to see that it’s touching and inspiring so many people. I started an Instagram account for my inspirational messages so that you can follow along.

Amongst the highs, there were also major freak outs and sadness. And there were huge healing and growing opportunities. One was having a very emotional and difficult family conversation on Mother’s Day. Although it wasn’t an easy conversation, in the end it healed decades of pain from my family. I was able to share my truth with them and also validate their feelings due to all the work I have done on myself. I always tell my clients, when we heal ourselves it has a ripple effect and helps to heal those around us too. Even though it's not easy, I encourage all of us to continue doing our work.

I have been facilitating breathwork for over 2 1/2 years. It's been a beautiful journey. Especially working with you and being witness to all of your growth and healing. Thank you for trusting me. For showing up for yourself. For your referrals. For the opportunities to collaborate. Thank YOU! I look forward to continue sharing my passion of breathwork with you.

Sending you much love, Ana


Corporate Breathwork

It's so much fun to facilitate breathwork sessions in the workplace. Employees are always surprised by how different they feel after breathing. Not only does it help with stress management, but they also feel more focused, creative and productive after a breathwork session.

Let's bring breathwork to your office!


Private Sessions

"That was the most powerful breathwork session I have ever had. I feel so much more open and calm."

A private breathwork session is a 75 minute intuitively guided, personalized session that helps you release whatever has been holding you back, move stuck energy, heal, and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. If you don't live in LA, I also do breathwork session via Skype. You can now book your session online here.



"Your music took me on a magical journey."

Making playlists for class and private sessions is one of my favorite things about breathwork. Here is your May upbeat playlist and maybe it will even inspire you to dance. Spotify Apple Music


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