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I'm teaching breathwork in Peru!

Creating more space.

So much has happened in the last six weeks. In my last newsletter I talked about adjusting my attitude towards social media…wow, that small action has opened things up for me. A retreat company called Mundo Adventures found me on Instagram and asked if I was interested in facilitating breathwork at their retreat in Peru. This opportunity felt like it came out of nowhere, but then I remembered I've been telling my friends that I want to have an adventure this year. And just like that, the universe granted me this opportunity. I’m beyond excited. I’m leaving in one week to lead breathwork in the Andes. This retreat is a combination of adventure with white water rafting, rock climbing and we will also be helping out the community by volunteering at an orphanage.

In other exciting news, my Telemundo interview finally aired. I'm so happy with the final result. It’s a 2 1/2 minute interview where they showcase the health benefits of meditation and breathing. And last week, my first magazine feature was released! I’m in the Summer issue of Alegria Magazine, which is a bilingual magazine were they talk about how I discovered breathwork and how breathwork helps to change people's lives.

@Sidewalkwoke keeps growing. I’ve completed my 100 consecutive days and I have continued to write messages on sidewalks all over LA. Last week actress Lily Collins shared one of my sidewalk messages on her Instagram and it got over 200,000 likes. This is what I love about Instagram! We can spread so much hope, love and light with an image. I’m excited to continue this project and see how it unfolds.

One big thing that I’ve been exploring this month is looking deeper into how I validate myself. With these recent achievements in my business and getting covered in the press, I was hoping to get validation and praise from my family members. However, they didn’t show support or praise in the way I had hoped and expected. There was a huge sense of disappointment and sadness that came to the surface, but then I decided to look at how I treat myself. How am I validating my successes? I realized that even though in the moment I feel joy and excitement, I immediately go back to thinking that’s not enough. "You’re still not where you want to be." "You’re still not making the amount of money you want to be making." I can’t control how others will react, but I can control the things I say to myself and how I treat myself. So I’m being very conscious of these thoughts and I’m trying to celebrate even more all the wonderful things I have. I'm also reminding myself that it’s all playing out the way it needs to be.

I’m gone the first two weeks of September, but once I’m back there are some really fun events. I’m back at the Tipi for a Breathwork + Soundbath event. And I’m also leading breathwork at a wellness festival in Palm Springs. In addition to my two breathwork classes at Unplug Meditation, I’ve been leading Saturday morning breathwork classes in my home to create a more intimate setting for you.

Let me know how you’ve been, I would love to hear from you! Wishing you an easy transition from summer to fall.

Much Love,




Private Sessions This month I had a client book a private session for herself and a group of friends. It was so beautiful to see friends gather to try something new...breathe, be vulnerable and create a more intimate bond. Find out about my private session offerings here.



"Your playlist is amazing!"

My intention with the playlists is to take you on a journey while you're breathing. They are all intuitively curated. Here is my playlist to help release anxiety. You can also find others on Spotify and Apple Music @breathewithana.


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