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3 ways to rocket launch your progress 🚀

Do you ever just think to yourself “there’s gotta be more? More money, more play, more joy…just MORE?” I can’t quite explain it, but I have always had that nudge inside of me, but it wasn't until I fully stepped into my magic, owned my worthiness, and got support, that I was actually able to make “More” happen.

And I want to show you what is possible. I want to help you step into your version of more.

Here are 3 ways the Dream Bigger Mastermind can rocket launch your progress:

1) Someone to check in with

Our minds are really good at coming up with reasons why we can’t do something. It will do everything it can to keep you where you are right now, in the safe zone, and out of danger. But deep down inside you are tired of your situation and want things to be different. And even deeper down you know it is available to you and possible if you can shift the energy keeping you stuck. Goodbye limiting beliefs and comfort zones! When a group is counting on you to show up and do the work, you are more likely to do it. Because let’s be real, breaking promises to ourselves is way too easy since no one has to know. But an aligned community rooting for your success and checking in on you during your journey? That is a lot harder to do.

2) Cheerleaders who get you

Maybe you feel like your friends and family don’t quite understand what you’re wanting to do. Maybe they just don’t get your vision. Perhaps they are telling you to stay at your 9-5 job so that you have security and benefits. Or maybe you currently don't have a support group to encourage you and celebrate your wins, even though they may seem small. Being a part of an intentional community that will cheer you on and also support you when you’re having a bad day, reminding you you’re not alone on this journey creates massive change in your life. You suddenly find yourself not only dreaming, but DOING.

3) Someone to challenge you

It’s easy to play it safe, especially when you’re feeling stuck and “less than.” But being in a community that will hold you accountable and catch you if you stumble can gently remind you it’s time to take the leap. You are ready! Even if you don’t feel 100% confident, this will create momentum towards the direction you want to go.

Ready to be part of an amazing group ready to see you succeed?

Apply today to be part of this year’s Dream Bigger Mastermind. Or sign up for a free call to learn more about it.

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