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A Powerful Poetry Workshop

“The knocking in my chest reminds me I’m alive.

The perfect rhythm

(boom boom, boom boom)

that never stops

syncs with my breath.

I am a complex machine

that’s full of emotions.

Wanting to be felt,


and heard.

Seeking acceptance, validation, and


My feet yearn to connect.

Connect with the earth,

to slow down,

to feel,

to be held.

My body is saying ‘stop running.

It’s time to savor,

integrate and


My mind loves to be in charge.

Making up stories.

Always being right.

Dreaming and visualizing the impossible.

My pussy is telling me, ‘it’s my turn now

to explore me,

to feel me,

to realize how powerful I am.

To accept I am not too much.

I am a result of the sacrifices

and journey of my ancestors.

I am my own sanctuary.

I am safety.

I am home.”

This morning in The Collective (my membership to help you live an empowered life) we had guest healer Shameka Cunningham lead us in a poetry workshop to connect with our intuition and explore what home means to us.

It was such a powerful workshop where so many emotions came up for the group. And it was a reminder of how words can help us process and create pauses for us to slow down and be present with ourselves.

I’m so grateful for the community in The Collective and how committed they are to their growth, healing, and cultivating more self-love. Learn more about our amazing community here.

(I wrote this first draft poem in our workshop today 💛)

📸 Rachel

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