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Be honest - what would you do if this happened to you today?

Imagine you’re busy doing one of the 101 things on your to-do list when your best friend calls you in a panic.

They need you to come help them with something important. It’s nothing life or death — it’s just REALLY important to them. They promise you that if you help them, it will change their life in the best way possible.

If you’re like me, you’ll drop everything you’re doing to help them.


Because you love them and want to see them happy.

Sure, you have things you need to be doing that are pretty important, but you make time to be there for your friend because their goals and happiness matter to you.

Now, let’s do this exercise again.

Only this time imagine that instead of your best friend calling out for your help, it’s your Future Self reaching out to you, begging you to help make your own dreams a reality.

Do you answer the call? Or do you put your dreams on the back burner because you’ve got so many other things to do?

Far too often, we make excuses for why now isn’t the right time to chase our dreams, when what we should do is make time to actively pursue them.

Even if we know that the vision we have for our future is important and will change our lives for the better, we still fail to take the kind of action that will bring it to life.

But we don’t have to continue doing that.

Every moment you’re alive is a moment when you can make the big, bold, brave choice to prioritize the future you desire and take steps in that direction.

Even in this moment, right now, you have the power to choose JOY.

And I’d love to support you in that decision — and in the journey you’re poised to embark on.

In fact, there’s a whole community of us waiting to support, encourage, and empower you as you set out to create the EXACT life you want.

Join us in the Dream Bigger Mastermind and let’s create some beautiful magic together! There are only 3 spots left! Don't wait for another 6 months to go by.

P.S. If you’re worried you won’t have enough time, know that you’re not alone! Our Mastermind has been a safe space for busy moms (many of whom are single) who felt the same way . . . in the beginning. But they were committed to creating a new life for themselves and ended up being some of the most active people in the community! Plus, you will have 24/7 access to all the resources we provide — including replays of any calls. You DESERVE to prioritize YOU and your needs.

P.P.S. Have questions or concerns about Mastermind? Let's hop on a 15-minute call. And yes, there are payment plans. Let me know what type of plan you need.


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