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Community is so important right now

One of the beautiful things that has come out of the past year and half is having people gather each week and generating this flow of supportive and motivating energy that revitalizes us and helps us keep going, no matter what is happening in the world.

Although I know that the work I help you do is part of what keeps you coming back, I also believe a major factor is the community itself. There’s something about being surrounded (whether virtually or in person) by like-minded people who get you that makes things more enjoyable — and maybe even a bit easier to manage.

That’s especially true when the community provides you with some sense of accountability. Knowing that someone other than you is rooting for your success can give you motivation when you feel close to giving in or giving up. That's why I decided to take our gatherings to the next level and created my new program, The Collective.

The Collective is a one-year membership for individuals who are committed to stepping into their power and living as their highest, fully-realized selves by.

With The Collective, you’ll have a safe space to share resources and ideas, birth collaborations, and manifest things by tapping into the collective energy — faster than if you did it alone.

Members of The Collective will gather monthly for healing sessions, live coaching calls, Moon Circles, guest expert trainings, and more. You’ll also be invited to exclusive events and retreats PLUS have access to our private community app so you’re always connected to other Collective members.

This is going to be a high-impact experience that will help catapult you over the obstacles blocking you from your goals… and I can’t wait to get started!

Ready to join our community and get the support you need to reach your big goals? Click here to sign up! Please note, next time you will be able to join The Collective will be next year. Don't put your life on hold. Now's the time to make yourself a priority.

xo Ana

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