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Do you have a Sacred Space?

Do you have an altar in your home? Growing up Catholic and being of Mexican descent, altars were a big part of my life as a child. But over the years I have reclaimed the idea of an altar as a place that holds space for my goals, things that bring me joy and people I love. It’s a sacred space that allows me to pause as I walk by it and be in gratitude for all the abundance I already have in my life.

Tomorrow - Saturday, Oct 23 - @ritasoundyoga is going to be leading a “How to create Sacred Spaces” workshop, where she’s going to teach us how to build a space for remembering and manifesting. In this session, we are going to tap into our creativity and create our own healing vortex.

This workshop is exclusive for members of The Collective. You can join The Collective by clicking here. Rita will also be sharing her magical sound healing gifts with the group. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! 🧿📿🌈🌸🐚

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