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Dream Bigger in 2022

Have you noticed yourself going into scarcity mode lately? From what I see in my community and my clients, the lack mentality has been at an all-time high. Although external events definitely triggered the lack mindset for many of us - the external stuff isn’t what caused it.

The way I look at is this:

Something can happen that triggers an emotional response in us. For example, hearing a certain song can cause you to feel sad. In other words, the song can trigger sadness.

But that same song could just sound good to someone else and not elicit any real emotion.


Because, for you, that song could remind you of a bad breakup in college. The bad breakup is the CAUSE of your sadness.

The song simply triggered your emotional reaction.

It’s the same way with lack mindset. Things can trigger it but until you get to the root of what is causing your lack mindset, it will continue to show up in your life.

You’ll continue to live in fear of getting laid off. Or, if you’re already unemployed, you’ll stay stuck with the fear that you’ll never get a new job in this climate.

I want you to break free of that lack mentality and realize that you have an abundance of everything you need just waiting for you to claim it.

That’s why I’m inviting you to attend DREAM BIGGER. During this virtual workshop, we’ll work together to uncover the deeply-rooted limiting beliefs that are keeping so many people stuck, scared, and broke.

You’ll learn different methods to heal and reprogram your mindset so you can get it aligned with your big goals.

⭐ Kundalini Yoga

⭐ Ancestral Transformation

⭐ From Fear to Empowerment

⭐ Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

⭐ Tarot Divination

⭐ Breathwork

⭐ Letter to Future Self

⭐ Dance Empowerment

⭐ And more!

It all happens this Saturday, February 5th… and it’s 100% virtual so you can join from the comfort of your favorite spot.

Grab your ticket now 💫 I can’t wait to see you there!

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