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EP 31: Finding Courage at 55: Sue's Story of Healing and Dreaming Bigger

Looking for some weekend inspiration? Check out episode 31 of Breathe More! I sat down with Sue, a current Dream Bigger Mastermind client who had previously been hesitant to dream or set goals for herself. After three years of considering joining the Mastermind, Sue finally took the leap and joined. Four months later, the transformation she has achieved is remarkable.

Through the Dream Bigger Mastermind program, Sue embarked on a journey of inner healing that has brought her clarity, calmness, and confidence. She is now more courageous about taking risks, her communication skills have improved, she’s embracing vulnerability, and most importantly, she allows herself to experience joy.

You can listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform or head to my YouTube channel, BreatheMorePodcast, and be inspired.

If you’ve been thinking about joining Dream Bigger Mastermind, take this as a sign to stop waiting. Don’t let three more years pass before investing in your healing, dreams, and yourself. Join the waitlist here. 💕

Listen to this episode on your favorite podcast platform or my YouTube channel. 💫

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