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Episode 26. Beyond Mistakes: Finding Healing through Self-Forgiveness

🎙️ New episode of Breathe More🎙️

Are you still carrying the weight of past mistakes or moments of regret? Let’s talk about the power of self-forgiveness - a topic that has been resonating deeply within my Dream Bigger Mastermind group.

Many of us have found ourselves being overly harsh on ourselves for things that happened long ago, clinging onto outdated versions of ourselves that no longer serve us. It’s time to let go and embrace a new path toward healing and personal growth🌱

Join me on Episode 26 of the Breathe More podcast as I talk about the importance of self-forgiveness. 🎙️ I share practical tips that will help you release the burdens of shame and instead cultivate compassion, self-love, and gratitude for the valuable lessons life has taught you. 🙏❤️

Tune in on your preferred podcast platform or head over to my YouTube channel to embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation. 🎧

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