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Farewell to My Sacred Haven: Endings and Beginnings Ceremony

Yesterday, I honored the last seven years I’ve lived in my house. It’s a sacred place where so much healing, personal growth, and life happened. I always envisioned leaving my home when moving into a place I owned. Well, the universe has other plans for me.

As I transition from this era, I’ve been sitting with so much grief and gratitude. This house didn’t just provide shelter. It gave birth to my business. I manifested so much here, including being photographed in this home for a front-page article in the LA Times. It held space for so many people on their healing journey. I became a dog mom. I ended relationships and started new ones. I lived alone for the first time in my life! I struggled with health issues. I was scared. I kept dreaming. I didn’t give up. And it all alchemized with yesterday’s Endings and Beginnings Ceremony guided by @the_wonderflow

I’m so grateful for my time here and excited (nervous, scared, happy) for what’s to come. I trust my intuition and know it’s time to change things physically to step into my new chapter.

Thank you Casa and neighborhood for all the love and support. 🙏🏼❤️🏠

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