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Full Moon in Cancer: A Guide to Release, Boundaries, and Future Clarity

Are you feeling the energy of this full moon in Cancer? After spending a couple of days with my family, I’m back in Los Angeles and I woke up this morning in my feelings: anxious, scared, excited, impatient, sad...and this emotional full moon amplifies it all. Uff! Deep breaths.  

Here is how we can work with this full moon:

1. Reflection and Release: The full moon is a time of fruition and release. Use this time to look back and reflect upon the past cycles. Acknowledge what energies you don’t want to carry with you into the new year. Write them down and burn them. You know I love having fire ceremonies. 

2. Protection with Boundaries: The full moon in Cancer illuminates our needs for protection and boundaries. Set boundaries that serve your well-being - emotionally, physically, and mentally. Be conscious of how you spend your energy and who you let into your energy.

3. Future Self Meditation: Step into the new year with confidence and clarity by listening to my Future Self Meditation. Deep down inside, you know what you want in your life, but sometimes, all the outside noise makes you forget. Use your future self as a compass to guide you on your next steps. You can find this meditation in my membership The Collective. Join our community here.

Happy Full Moon!


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