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Happy New Moon in Sagittarius!

It’s my favorite new moon because it’s all about dreaming bigger!

This special new moon invites us to expand our horizons! It's time to release what may seem impossible and embrace a mindset of boundless possibilities, allowing us to manifest the life we truly desire.

Tonight, Tuesday December 12 I’m hosting my New Moon Circle, where we'll connect with our courageous selves. Our evening begins with intentional journaling.

Then, we'll move into a breathwork session, embodying our deepest desires and intentions. Finally, Stacey will close out our circle with a validating tarot reading, illuminating the path ahead.

This New Moon Circle is free for members of The Collective. If you're not yet part of our magical community, sign up under Events to get a taste of what you can expect in The Collective. 🌟

Share in the comments what dreams are you bringing into reality during this new moon!

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