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How I regulate my nervous system.

Do you know when your nervous system is dysregulated?

You might be feeling anxious, panicked, have digestive issues, and your sleep might be impacted. You might have a hard time concentrating, committing to something, avoiding, or feeling overwhelmed.

When your nervous system is dysregulated, you will remain in a toxic job, toxic relationship, struggle financially and feel hopeless. You might find yourself caught in a cycle of self-doubt and resistance, where your nervous system sends signals to delay or dismiss your dreams. Thoughts such as “I’ll pursue it next year,” “I can’t afford it,” or “This won’t work for me” become common roadblocks to our aspirations.

One of the things that makes the Dream Bigger Mastermind unique is that we do healing exercises to regulate your nervous system so that you allow yourself to set goals; you increase your capacity to receive and manifest. You feel safe in creating a beautiful and abundant life for yourself.

These are things I like to do to regulate my nervous system:

Practicing breathwork





Being around animals


Asking for a hug

Cold therapy


Listening to music

If you’re ready for deep healing and transformation and learn how to regulate your nervous system to manifest your dreams, this is your sign to join the Dream Bigger Mastermind. We have three spots left in each group. Save your spot by filling out the application in the bio link.

What do you do to regulate your nervous system? Share in the comments.

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