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Identify The Cause Of Your Fear

Fear is something we all experience. It’s a way that our brain keeps us safe when it thinks we are in danger.

However, fear might also be one of the biggest reasons why you might not dare to dream. It might be one of the reasons why you continue to stay small, and why you may not step into your dream life.

A lot of times these fears aren’t based on what’s actually happening at the moment. Rather it's based on past experiences.

You might have a fear of:


the unknown,


losing someone’s love.

You might suffer from:

inferior complex

lack of confidence.

And sometimes, these fearful thoughts are so constant and stuck in a loop that they start to manifest into self-fulfilling prophecies.

So, how do you stop manifesting your fears?

This week I talked with Aubrianna kay about how we can move out of fear and into a place of empowerment.

She shared that to stop manifesting your fears, you need to start to identifying them and the situations that cause them. Then, understand what you believe about them and how accurate your beliefs are. Next, try combating these thoughts with more rational ones, and start taking small steps to face whatever it is that you fear.

Aubrianna will teach you at Dream Bigger an energetic and strategic practice to help you ground your energy, move through fear, and channel empowerment. You will be able to move out of inaction and into flow to help you create your dreamiest, most intentional life!

I am so excited for you to learn from manifestation experts like Aubrianna and help you move out of fear and into excitement and hope. Get your ticket today here.

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