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Last Chance to Join The Collective

Today I'm celebrating the 33 woman who have joined The Collective and I also want to remind you that enrollment closes TODAY at midnight (PDT)!!! And I want YOU in The Collective too! I know all about procrastination and uncertainty, BUT I’m here to help you decide if you should join The Collective today.

The Collective is a fusion of all my offerings in 1, at an affordable price. There's goals setting, healing, accountability, support, community, celebrations, guest teachers, tools, meditations and more is in the works. You also get access to me; my coaching, healing, expertise and support.

As you know, my clients get results! Their lives transform. They become empowered and the abundance starts flowing in. You may be thinking this is a big time commitment, I'm already too busy. I can't afford another thing. You're worried it's not going to help.

And I get it.

We are all busy. And a lot of the stuff we're busy with is because we're helping others (family, partner, colleagues, job, clients, etc.) I invite you to make YOUR life and dreams and healing a priority. You deserve to be healthy, to be at peace, to experience joy and excitement. Your dreams deserve to be realized. Your gifts are needed in the world. The great thing about The Collective is that everything is recorded, so you don't have to attend live if your schedule doesn't allow it. We have a platform and an app where you can share with us updates and ask for support.

I am in my 6th year as a healer and breathwork coach. I have helped thousands of people heal. I have also learned a lot during this time. And I'm taking that knowledge and expertise and giving it to you. I also actively continue to do my own healing. I practice what I teach and because of that I am also changing the way I can support you in your life.

I can't wait to see you expand and grow and bring in even more abundance into your life. I am so ready to help you. And I'm so proud of the transformations I'm already witnessing in The Collective.

Yes change is scary and hard. But so is staying stuck, anxious, and disempowered.

I know your intuition is saying YES! Click here to join. xo Ana

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