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Learn How To Do Self-Hypnosis!

Curious about how to go into your subconscious mind to reinforce a new belief? Whether you want to reinforce something you've learned, be in flow, or simply refresh... Self-Hypnosis will help you achieve what you want. Get your subconscious on board with your desires. Tomorrow, The Collective will be joined by guest healer, Vanessa Herrera to learn how to do self-hypnosis! We'll discover how to gain access to the “control room” of our mind so our automatic behaviors take us to the path of least resistance and manifest with ease. There's still time to hop in The Collective and join us LIVE for tomorrow's workshop! Set your intention and live it to realization. Link here to join us. ✨ 📸 Rachel at The Collective’s Spring Retreat Cute outfit by Mantra Los Angeles use code Ana15

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