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Making an extra $500 a week changed my life.

One of my first goals with my breathwork business was to have it replace my side hustle job of being a promo girl. (Yes, I worked at grocery stores promoting products every weekend). I just had to figure out how to make $500 a week. Working at yoga and meditation studios wouldn’t work because they only paid $40 per class. However, it was an excellent place to meet new clients.

Besides hosting breathwork circles with my friends at their apartments, I also started hosting full moon circles, which were a huge hit. Then I started getting recurring 1-1 clients.

After 1 year of setting that goal, I could finally quit my promo job. This was a huge win for me!

However, I wish it hadn’t taken me this long to reach my goal.

This is one of the reasons I created The Mentorship. To help you meet your goals faster than I did. Also, to help you strategize how to make your healing or wellness business not only make a positive impact in the world but also help you meet your financial goals. Today Monday, May 22, I’m hosting a FREE workshop to teach you how to start thinking like a business owner while being authentic. In today’s workshop, you will get clear about your offerings and the value you are offering.

Plus, you will learn more about my program, The Mentorship.

Don’t miss out on this free workshop: How to Build Your Healing or Wellness Business. If you can't attend live, this workshop will be recorded and emailed to you. ✨

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