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Taylor manifested her goals in 10 weeks

When Taylor joined the Dream Bigger Mastermind in October 2022 (this is her second time in mastermind btw) her nervous system was in a frozen state. She had all these ideas and projects, but she just couldn't get herself to keep the momentum going. There was a lot of doubt and fear that was getting in the way. Immediately I helped her shift her energy and not even a month after starting Mastermind she started to attract support. This was something she had been craving, but didn't know how to receive. We created a strategy to start her healing business. And all around her she was receiving messages that she is ready to step into her power and share her gifts. Five weeks after starting Mastermind the abundance kept flowing in...she was offered a job after being unemployed for 4 years! This job helped boost her confidence, inner peace, and trust in her journey. We are currently in week 10 of Mastermind and Taylor is radiating. She is hosting her first sold out women's circle this weekend. She has already manifested the goals she set for herself when she joined Mastermind.

These are the breakthroughs and manifestations you can have in the Dream Bigger Mastermind. This is a unique hybrid program (group coaching and private sessions) that sets you up to succeed. This is the power and how quickly things can change when you surround yourself with people who are also up-leveling their life.

Don't let another 6 months go by. All my clients get a huge return on their investment. The Dream Bigger Mastermind will change your life! Are you ready to change yours?!?!

The next step is hopping on a 15-minute call with me. And remember, there is financing available, so don't let your money blocks stop you.

Let's do it!

xo Ana


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