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The Gift of Letting Go

“Now that I am living without fear, I’m finally able to see all of the abundance in my life. I know I am safe and loved. I am secure in my decisions because I know that whichever decisions I make are always the right ones for me. Even the most difficult situations are always for my highest good.” -Donna

Last night, we had a powerful release ritual in our Full Moon Circle. We wrote a “break up” letter to something we have outgrown or is holding us back. Then we connected with our higher self to see the positive things that will come into our lives now that this block and heaviness has been let go. There was so much light, warmth, love and expansiveness in everyone after letting go. There was a sense of hope and courage to follow their truth.

Share in the comments what you will gain after you let go. Freedom? Inner peace? More time to do the things you really want to do? More abundance?

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