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This one thing can block you from all the good things that matter most!

As you may know, I grew up in a pretty low-income family — and wasn’t exactly abundant when it came to support.

For me, being in scarcity mode could have very well been my forever default. And I don’t think anyone would have faulted me if that were the case. After all, when you’re used to having to work hard just to make ends meet, it’s not easy to think or feel like you can get anything you want.

But the problem is that when you live in scarcity mode and make decisions based on a scarcity mindset, it can hold you back or even block you from the abundance that you deserve.

And I’m not just talking about an abundance of money - I mean an abundance of things like joy, freedom, time, love, and so many other things that I’m sure matter to you.

Escaping the scarcity and survival mindset takes a lot of hard and consistent mental work. But it can be done!

For me, the work began because, despite my upbringing and surroundings, there was always this spark in me that told me “You’re meant for something bigger!” And I believed it!

I didn’t know exactly WHAT that “bigger” thing was that I was meant for, but I knew it was out there, that I just needed to claim it, and that I had the potential inside me to make it happen.

So I made the decision that I was going to work on myself — so I would become the version of me that could make big things happen.

It wasn’t easy. I would backslide sometimes (which is totally normal, if frustrating). But I would always get back on course because I had my eyes set on a bigger vision.

One major change I made that was (and can still be) pretty scary was making investments in myself and my business. Remember, I grew up on the poorer end of the spectrum. When you’re poor, money feels like a finite resource — and you have to be careful about how, where, and why you spend it. So, investing in things that don’t have an immediate, tangible result (like investing in pretty much anything related to business or personal development) can give you pause.

Even now, I sometimes struggle with the idea of investing my hard-earned money into something with an iffy ROI.

But I think back to times when I took the risk despite having very little money and realize that every time I’ve invested in something my soul said “Yes!" to, I got my investment back tenfold.

That’s the power of stepping inward when you’re feeling scared and listening to the wisdom of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will always guide you in the direction your life needs to travel.

Because the results you get and the lessons you learn on that path will push you closer and closer to becoming the version of you that calls in abundance with ease and joy.

So, if you have a spark inside of YOU telling you that you’re meant for bigger things and you’re wondering if joining the Dream Bigger Mastermind is part of your path, this is your call to tune into your Higher Self and see what they have to say. Ready to ditch scarcity and invite abundance into your life?

If you have any questions to help you come to a CONFIDENT decision, book a free call with me and ask away!


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