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Turn your idea into a reality!

How long have you had an idea or wanted to start your healing or wellness business? Promises mean nothing without action. I've had several clarity calls this week where people told me they have tried to convince themselves not to follow the inner voice telling them to share their gifts and knowledge because of fear.

What will people think?

What if nobody wants to work with me?

What if it doesn't work?

That's where a mentor and the support from a community will change everything. You don't have to figure this out alone (actually, it's really hard and will take a long time to do it alone, trust me, that was me seven years ago). In The Mentorship, you will not just be asked to embody who you want to be but also learn what tangible steps to take to manifest what you've been dreaming of.

Meet the newest members of The Mentorship, who are ready to take steps in their business:

Nicole wants to start a wellness coaching business but has yet to determine her offerings. She feels stuck and frozen and doesn't know how to get started. While in The Mentorship, her goal is to gain clarity, establish a business and get her first client!

Elizabeth launched her healing business in my Fall Dream Bigger Mastermind but wants to continue becoming consistent with building her business. She struggles with imposter syndrome but looks forward to being in a community with other soulful entrepreneurs to help each other.

Rachael is just starting out, struggling with imposter syndrome, and starting her own healing journey. She is feeling overwhelmed but feels so passionate about helping people and sharing with them the knowledge she has. She needs help with cultivating more confidence and self-trust. And her goal is to be clear on her offering by the end of The Mentorship and start working with people!

Can you relate to them? If so, now is the time to apply to join The Mentorship. Don't let another year go by. We are ready to support you and help you reach your goals.

Send me your question. Ready to join us, apply for The Mentorship here.

We start next Thursday, June 1.

Let's do it! xo Ana

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