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What is the biggest thing that stops people from taking action?

What is the biggest thing that stops people from taking action? Yup, you guessed it...


Fear of failure.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of judgment or criticism.

Fear of change.

I see this so much in my clients before they invest in themselves and their dreams. For too long, they kept telling themselves:

"Now isn't the right time."

"Maybe when the kids are back in school."

"When I have more money."

"When I'm less busy."

Let's be honest; you'll never feel 100% ready to do something new. It is your brain's job to create hesitation and excuses to keep you in the same place (that's how it keeps you safe.)

But you didn't embark on a healing journey to stay the same. And you're not starting or already have a wellness biz if you didn't want to help others change their life too! I know you have so much to offer the world. And I want to help you do it confidently and successfully.

Several of you have expressed interest in joining The Mentorship, but your money triggers got activated. Payment plans start at $333. Here's a reframe: you can book two private monthly sessions or ten people to attend your wellness circle to pay for you to be in The Mentorship.

This group program is to help you make more money while being of service. Together we will make that happen.

I believe in you!

Contact me to book a clarity call and get your concerns answered. Or apply here to join The Mentorship. We start next Thursday, June 1.

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