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What You CAN Control

Do you struggle with the ‘uncertainties’ that life throws around? Do you get anxious thinking about things that are out of your control? I know I got triggered last night after talking to my mom and her telling me she’s taking a break from therapy (she’s had 3 sessions). I had to remind myself, I can’t control her actions nor am I responsible for her healing.

So let’s talk for a moment about what you can and can’t control!

✖️ You can’t control your partner

✖️ You can’t control your family members

✖️ You can’t control your friends

✖️ You can’t control anyone else’s decisions or actions

These things are always going to be out of your control. You will never be able to control other people, their decisions, the mistakes they make on repeats, their thoughts, or actions. Stop feeling guilty or worrying about what others think, say or do.

Here are some things you can control!

✔️ You can control your thoughts

✔️ You can control your words

✔️ You can control your tone

✔️ You can control the boundaries you set

You control every aspect of your being from your thoughts, to your feelings and actions.

Realizing that you can’t control others and you are not responsible for their actions can be very freeing! If you struggle with anxiety over what you can’t control, I encourage you to take a step back and evaluate if it’s something within your control, or something you should release and let me know if that helps. 💫

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