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Why are people joining the Dream Bigger Mastermind?

Why are people joining the Dream Bigger Mastermind?

“I’m looking for a sense of community and a clear vision of what I need to do to accomplish my goals”

“Community, sisterhood, love and support.”

When you’ve been on a healing journey…things can feel lonely. You outgrow your friend group. You feel misunderstood. Your inner circle doesn’t seem to understand what you’re doing.

My Dream Bigger Mastermind gives you immediate access to a group that generates a flow of supportive and motivating energy that revitalizes you and helps you keep going, no matter what is happening in your life.

There’s something about being surrounded by like-minded people who get you that makes things more enjoyable — and maybe even a bit easier to manage.

That’s especially true when the community provides you with some sense of accountability.

Knowing that someone other than you is rooting for your success can give you motivation when you feel close to giving in or giving up.

In past groups, we have seen members experience deep healing, gain the courage to take action on their goals, and manifest their biggest dreams.

And we've done it all knowing we are not alone.

Ready to become part of an encouraging, safe, and loving community and get the support you're searching for to reach your big goals?

When you join, you'll get access to:

✨ Three 90-minute group calls each month for 6 months (18 in total) ​

✨ Free access to The Collective during the 6 months of Mastermind (this includes meditations, masterclasses, moon circles, breathwork classes, and space holding to help you integrate) ​

✨ Three 1:1 Breakthrough Sessions with me. I can’t tell you the massive shifts clients have in this space - it’s wild. ​

✨ Voxer support in between our calls, so you’ll always have support when you need it.

✨ A supportive community ready to see you succeed. ​

✨ Plus, a free welcome bonus!

🔗 Click here to apply now! Only 3 spots left!

(This is a picture with Rosa E. Pruneda who’s a Dream Bigger Mastermind alumni; she continues to manifest a dreamy and abundant life for herself. So proud of you Rosa! 💛)


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