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Push Through

Happy Super Bloom!

I’m sure you’ve come across images of the beautiful gifts the winter rains have given to California. Valleys and mountains all over are covered in flowers. One of my goals for 2017 is taking at least one adventure a month…well this super bloom, gave me an easy excuse to take more than one adventure. I danced with California poppies near Lake Elsinore and the desert flowers of the Coachella Valley. These unexpected wildflowers remind me that hard times do pass and can become a beautiful blessing. Amongst all the joy and beauty of these flowers, it also made me think of all the change happening in my life and in our country. I have found myself struggling to embrace the changes and obstacles without being overcome with fear. Luckily I have breathwork, which helps me dive deeper and get to the root of this fear. I know many of you are also going through transitions in your life, which is why for this month’s evening class I decided to focus on helping you “Push Through.” I want to help you push through the fear, the anxiety, the doubt, and the uncertainty. And give you a space to get the clarity, comfort, and the confidence you need to continue taking the necessary steps to accomplish your goals. I'm often reminded that when I focus on my goals and all the good in my life, the more I receive. My first class at weSpark was a truly humbling experience and a perfect reminder of the good in my life. I had cancer patients who have lost physical sensation in parts of their body due to the cancer and treatment and were surprised to feel tingling sensations with breathwork meditation. There was a tremendous release of stress and sadness, and many left feeling calmer, more relaxed, and excited to breathe again soon. I’m excited to volunteer once a month at weSpark. Here’s a blog post they wrote about breathwork meditation and me. Keep going friends. We have completed the first 3 months of this year. You still have plenty of time to realize all your intentions. Thank you for allowing me to support you in your process. Wishing you a month full of fun adventures. Much Love, Ana


Music Muse

The HBO show Big Little Lies has become my music muse. The music is SO GOOD...Michael Kiwanuka, Alabama Shakes, Leone Bridges, Sam Cooke, and Charles Bradley to name a few. You'll find all of these artists in my playlists for the month of March. If you're not watching the show, you MUST! It's really good. And in the meantime, you can listen to my playlists inspired by the show:


Private Breathwork Sessions

Thank you so much for all of your referrals. The private breathwork sessions are growing. Last month I had couples breathe together. I had a Skype breathwork session. YES, you can have a private breathwork session via Skype. My client described it as profoundly moving. Private breathwork sessions are an hour long; where we dive a little deeper, you also get a reiki healing, and you leave feeling relaxed and with clarity.

Book your session here.


Take an Adventure!

It’s not too late to see the super bloom. There are different locations to see the blooms: Anza-Borrego, Lake Elsinore, Antelope Valley, Carrizo Plain…grab a friend and hop in your car (with my playlists downloaded) and go see these wild beauties. Another fun and free adventure is Desert X in the Coachella Valley. There are free art installations all over the valley. Including Mirage by my favorite multimedia artist Doug Aitken. Desert X ends April 30.


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