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Breathing in Miracles

Breathe in Miracles!

April was definitely an interesting month. Mercury’s retrograde really affected me this time around. There were unexpected challenges, miscommunication after miscommunication (or a lack of communication), delays, anxiety, sadness…anyone else felt it? Yet, it was also a month full of miracles. I really stepped up my manifestation game using breathwork meditation. After moving just 5 months ago, my landlord told me he sold my rental house to developers and they are tearing it down. I immediately panicked, especially after seeing that rents have gone up in the last 5 months. I still wanted a two bedroom house, with a yard, parking for two, at a price I could afford. An impossible feat if you look on Westside Rentals. So I put on a playlist, laid down to breathe, and asked my guides for help. The next day after putting in our 30 day notice, I downloaded a new app and found my new house with everything on my wish list. Originally the landlord was asking for higher rent, but decided to let us pay the same amount we’re currently paying. The house is bigger and better than what I previously had. Miracles happen! The miracles continued when I decided I was going on a retreat called Soulful Entrepreneur but needed to make extra money to pay for the trip. Once again, I put on playlist, I laid down to breathe, I got up to get the mail (like everyone does after a breathwork session) and to my surprise I had a check for the exact amount the retreat costs. I know that when you’re in the midst of a stressful situation it’s difficult to believe and trust that you can manifest what feels like an impossibility. That’s why this evening’s breathwork class we are focusing on manifesting. And I'm excited to announce I will be facilitating the same workshop at Yoga Loft in Manhattan Beach on Sunday May 7th. This month will be full of special events. Keep an eye out for an upcoming email with more breathwork meditation events. Continue setting intentions, continue writing down what you are grateful for, and continue breathing in miracles. Much Love, Ana


Private Breathwork Sessions

"Ana's workshops and private sessions have given me the confidence to manifest the life I want to live. At our last session, Ana asked me to set an intention. I focused on traveling, specifically a trip to Italy. The very next morning, I was sent an alert for a round trip ticket to Milan for under $500. I jumped on it immediately!"

Private breathwork sessions is a powerful way to manifest. Book your session here.


Playlists Lately I've been finding music for my playlists on tv shows. This last month's binge was the Netflix show Love. It's so cute and each episode ends with a different indie song that's great to breathe to.

Here are last month's playlists:


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