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3 Methods to Be More Present

Do you find yourself constantly stressing about the past or worrying about the future? If so, I highly recommend that you work on pulling yourself out of that state of mind and into the present. Here are 3 methods I personally use to be more present.

❤️ Be mindful about your breathing. Your breath can tell you a lot about your emotional state. When you actively change your breathing pattern into long, deep inhales using your diaphragm (not your chest), it allows your body to get the oxygen it needs to calm down and relax.

❤️ Spend time out in nature. And if you’re around a tree, give it a hug! Hugging a tree increases levels of hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for feeling calm and emotional bonding. When hugging a tree, the hormones serotonin and dopamine make you feel happier. Make it a priority to spend some time outdoors every day — even if it’s only for a few minutes.

❤️ Take a relaxing bath. Taking baths is a popular mindfulness practice in many cultures. It invites you to slow down and be still. I love to add Epsom salt and essential oils in my bath. This helps my body release physical tension and stress while I’m also able to let go of mental and emotional stress.

What is your favorite way to take care of yourself so you can enjoy the present moment?

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